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An easy project for one person might be difficult for someone else. Therefore we have broken down the projects as to either requiring no programming experience (plug and play) or requiring some experience. You will notice that with certain EEG headsets that there is more tutorials than others. This is likely due to the ease of development when using that device. The best way to get started will also depend on the headset that you have available.


If you are interested in building your own eeg, here are some options to get you started

icibiciNeuroTechLDNSome Technical ExperienceThis open source DIY EEG is a 20 Euro device that works with your smartphone and an SSVEP keyboard app.Click
DIY EEGOpenEEG CommunitySome Technical ExperienceThis is one of the first and oldest DIY EEG designs out there.Click


Muse is an EEG device which has developed as a meditation device. You can learn about its features here.

Muse Headset

TutorialAuthorTechnical Experience Required?DescriptionLink
Introduction to Brain Computer InterfacesRaymundo Cassani & Hubert BanvilleA bitA Brain Computer Interface tutorialClick
Unity and MuseInteraxonNoThis tutorial will help you get Unity set up to work with the Muse deviceClick
Web based EEG viewerUri ShakedYesThis app will allow for you to try out your Muse using Angular via a standard browserClick
Topographic mapBrainavatarNoThis app will allow for you to see a topographic mapClick


The OpenBCI is an open source EEG with a maximum of 16 channels. Full list of features here.

OpenBCI headset

TutorialAuthorTechnical Experience required?DescriptionLink
P300 SpellerJeremy FreyYes This is using the OpenBCI to build a P300 Speller using the oddball paradigmClick
OpenBCI GUIOpenBCINo If you would like to just see your eeg activity, OpenBCI has a visualizer you can tryClick
Alphawave display Hassan AlbalawiYes One of the OpenBCI Community members built an alphawave displayClick
ERP Detector NeuroTechBerkleyYesThis tutorial gives you everything you need to detect an ERP using remembered words in a listClick
Building a simple Neurofeedback systemNeuroTechBerkleyYesUsing the OpenBCI to have a high beta to theta ratioClick
Build an SSVEPNeuroTechBerkleyYesUsing the OpenBCI to capture Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials of remembered vs non-remembered wordsClick
Measuring Attention via Cross Brain Correlation StudyNeuroTechBerkleyYesIn the project, you will be recording eeg activity from different subjects while they watch a video. You should be able to see a peaks in activity duringClick
Brain Response to Smell StudyNeuroTechBerkleyYesThese scripts will allow for you capture eeg data and determine which smells cause a change in brainwavesClick


The Emotiv Epoc is a 14 channel EEG. More details here.

Emotiv headset

TutorialAuthorTechnical Experience Required?DescriptionLink
Brain Controlled WheelchairjerkeyyesThis Instructable will show how to make a Brain-Controlled Electric Wheelchair, so that a person can become mobile without moving their body.Click


The Neurosky is one of the original consumer EEGs on the market. Detailed description here.

Neurosky headset

TutorialAuthorTechnical Experience Required?DescriptionLink
Brain Controlled RC HelicopterPuzzleboxYesThis Instructable will show you how take a Radio Controller Helicopter and modify the remote control hardware such that it can be operated by free, open source computer software and flown based on brainwave measurements of concentration and relaxation taken by consumer-grade EEG headsets.Click
Mini Arduino Portable EEGjohnagYesThis is another example of the versatility , and of what , the Arduino, a small LCD Color display and the right type of sensors, are capable of doing.Click
Mind Controlled FanBruvneshT1YesIn this Instructable I will show that how with the help of an Arduino and Processing I was able to control a Fan.Click
Neurosky VisualizerNeuroskynoThis it the free Neurosky visualizer that you can use right out of the boxClick

No Headset

If you don’t have a headset available, there are still some stuff you could do with Brain data. Check out some of these sources.