Playgsgsfgsfgth media­element.js
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Playgsgsfgsfgth media­element.js

Do you want to learn EEGS?.

mediaelement.js is like magic. It’s browser and device support is perfect. To activate the video or audio player just set the following variable in front matter to true.

mediaplayer: true

To use the player just use some HTML5-magic like…

<audio src="" type="audio/mp3" controls="controls"></audio>

All possible functions and how to use mediaelement.js is well-documented on the players website.

»Music From All Around The World«

»Music From All Around The World« is a compilation curated by Jeannette Corneille and Moritz “mo.” Sauer for Cover Artwork designed by Jeannette Corneille. All tracks were released under a creative commons licence.

B-Ju - »Philly Run«

Comfort Fit - »Freeze The Cut«

The Black Atlantic - »Dandelion«

Download Compilation ›

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